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Best Shopping Rewards & Coupon Websites


The key to using social shopping to reap incentives is finding a social shopping portal that lists the store or stores(s) you will be shopping with as stores they rewarding you for shopping at.  Each popular social shopping website has its special perks. I will highlight some of my favorite shopping portals and some of the benefits they offer. 

For instance, some shopping deal and benefits websites offer more of a selection of prizes and gift cards than other sites.  Some sites offer cash and do not offer an extensive variety of gift cards or prizes.  Its all about what you are striving to earn.  If you love Target, you might want to shop through a social shopping rewards portal that offers Target gift cards as an incentive.

Contrast and compare your sites carefully when reward shopping.  You may want to join multiple shopping site portals to maximize what you can get for free and use different sites when shopping at different stores.  It takes a little effort, but its worth it.

Swagbucks is a website that offers points towards prizes, gift cards, and Paypal payments for shopping at popular websites such as Target, Walmart, Macy's, and Sears.  If you are going to be using these sites to purchase merchandise, why not earn something extra for shopping?  Swagbucks gives you points for redeeming grocery coupons at brick and mortal stores, too!  They offer coupons through their portal to be printed through

Swagbucks' best benefit is that that you can receive incentives more often than on other similar sites.  You only need a minimal amount of points to get something for nothing!  Swagbucks offers a selection of small tokens of appreciation for using their website such as toys, t-shirts, music freebies, books, school supplies, and other fun and rewarding items.  Their gift selection is the best of the reward sites.  

MyPoints is a social shopping portal mainly that offers some other features such as reading e-mail and shopping through those links to earn extra benefits for limited time offers.  They offer a regular point rate to shop at stores such as Autozone, The Gap, Old Navy, Hot Topic, and Claire's, but they occasionally increase the point value of a particular store for a limited time through a promotion visible on the website or through e-mail notification. 

They also offer sign-up offers on a daily basis that you can only use once.  These offers can significantly boost your earnings and offer more points than general shopping sites.  The site that springs to mind when I think of a deal such as this is when you use Mypoints to join Netflix.  When you join Netflix, you can obtain a $10 gift card and you will even have a few points left over.  The award is generous and since you planned on joining Netflix anyway, you have made a small victory for the day for being a smart and savvy shopper!

Gift card selection is great on MyPoints, but they don't offer anything other than cash and gift cards, unlike Swagbucks.  However, in much the same fashion as Swagbucks, Mypoints offers points towards gift cards and PayPal payments when you redeem grocery coupons you print through their site, using their portal to print coupons through and other notable coupon printing companies.  MyPoints' big perk is that they offer more shopping websites to earn points through than most other shopping portals. 

  • Get free points for signing up for MyPoints here, if you have not already.

Inbox Dollars offers rewards for shopping through a limited type of website.  The sites they offer are primarily membership websites.  You get a single time set amount of cash for signing up for gaming website memberships, Netflix, Blockbuster, and Gamefly.  However, there are other sites you can shop through and get rewarded such as when you buy Proactiv Skin Products through their shopping portal. 

The great thing about Inbox Dollars is that you can get paid for opening and viewing e-mail offers and for signing up for free newsletters of interest and survey panels.  Its not necessary that you use the panels, just that you sign up and you will then get paid.  Inbox Dollars' biggest perk is that they reward simply with a check.  You do not need a PayPal to use this service.  They will send you a check once you reach a $30 threshold.  They take out $3 for a processing fee the first time you redeem your cash, but thereafter its free to process a check payment.  It takes about 6-8 weeks to arrive.

Mypoints, Inbox Dollars, and Swagbucks all have online coupons and deals listed on their sites so you can make the most of savings while you are earning points towards money, prizes, and gift cards!

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